Scholl Pedimask without Flavor









Like any part of the body skin and legs need maximum care!

Pedimask without flavoring and dyestuff, from Scholl, is a mask for feet formulated to hydrate your skin intensely and to give them the deserved brightness. Enriched with urea and oil Makadamia Maska enables intensive hydration for 24 hours, and thanks to the double layer of the sock, the cream only stands on the inside (contact with the leg). So it is enough to put your feet in Pedimask, to tighten it in the key as it is so sensitive, and enjoy the amazing effect that the mask will offer your feet!

Contains: Makadamia oil, water, glycerin, urea, dimethic, glyceril steara, etc.

Usage method: Remove from the mask packing, wait in the designated place for each mask in the upper part of the sock. Wear each sock on clean and dried in advance, fixing the adhesive part. Hold for 20 minutes and massage feet for better absorption. Avoid using damaged, irritated or inflamed skin.

* Caution: In case of irritation, the application must be terminated. Hold away from children. Avoid contact with your eyes. Save it instead of fresh and dry. Do not walk with the mask as you can slip.

Packing: 1 pair

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